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Pacing Spreadsheet & Tips for 18.1

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Pacing Spreadsheet & Tips for 18.1

Joshua Baldovino

The open is upon us. It’s an exciting, stressful time where we get to put our year of training to the test, rekindle friendly rivalries, and see what we’re made of. I’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you do your best in this first test from Dave Castro.

Pacing is Everything

If this is the one thing you take away, it's to pace appropriately. This workout is all about how hard you can move for 20 minutes. My take, keep a 75-80% perceived effort and don’t let it up until all 20 minutes are over. The person who wins this workout is the one who has best power and stamina at that effort threshold. As you pace, pick something that you know you can hold right before you go to the dark place.

I’ve listed out a few sample round pacing times. For reference, Sam Briggs held roughly a 1:30/round for 20 minutes. We will all definitely be lower than that for sure. I’d advise to warm up, do a round or two at your target pace, assess your fatigue level and adjust accordingly. Then write your timer checkpoints on paper or whiteboard to make sure your keeping on pace as you finish each round.

Timer Check Points base on pace.

If you haven't figured out your pace, you can check out this awesome calculator Train FTW made. 

The Rower

After you figure out your pace, this has to be maintained by the cadence on the rower. You’ll be spending half the workout on this portion, so be as efficient as possible. That means driving with the legs, being loose on the grip, and using the row as a recovery for your arms as your prep for the T2B and CJ.

Toes 2 Bar

If you’re going to break, break here. Don’t spend extra energy holding on to the bar, or overtaxing your grip trying to do these unbroken. Rather, as soon as you feel moderate grip fatigue, drop from the bar, take a couple breaths and get back up. Breaking up the 8 T2B won’t kill you, but over exhausting yourself for a movement that will take 10-20 seconds will.

Dumbbell Clean and Jerk

Simple tips here. Don’t get any no-reps. Understand the standards of standing up all the way and not touching your body. Use your legs and jump as much as you can.

Also try and do these unbroken. If you keep the DB close like Briggs, use your legs, and jump, you should be able to do these 5-5 unbroken. Dropping the DB, taking a 5-second rest, may not be worth it. You can always recover a bit on the rower.

In conclusion, remember this is the CrossFit Open. The once a year test where you can test your fitness with people all around the world. I encourage you to find the right pace for you, make it hurt a little, and have a good time testing your fitness.

Let me know if this pacing spreadsheet worked for you, and how you did in the open. Don’t forget, we’ll be at CrossFit HTF tonight throwing downing and cheering on athletes. Best of luck to you fitness crazies.

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Coffee addict. Fitness aficionado. Advocate for all things fun. Joshua Baldovino is the Founder and Co-Owner of Shakas and Snatches. Joshua is passionate about fitness, business, but not as much as he craves a nightly ice cream scoop.  You can find him on Instagram: @shakajosh_ss.