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How to Score Your Best on 18.2!

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How to Score Your Best on 18.2!

Joshua Baldovino

After 20 minutes of pure heart and cardio, Castro hits us with a somewhat familiar test. Similar to 16.1 (7 AMRAP + 1RM Clean and Jerk), we’re again faced with a cardio leg burner + max clean. This workout is a perfect balance and representation of CrossFit. Do you have the capacity to sprint and lift heavy? If you do, then this is the perfect workout for you. Either way, here’s a couple quick tips to help you do your best.

Both Parts Matter

This is scored as two separate workouts. As such, you should treat both the metcon + clean as an equal part. That means trying to save your legs on the clean could cost you dearly because of your slow metcon time. With that in mind, do your best on BOTH parts. However, maybe the metcon a little more since its used as the first part of the score and the tie break for the clean.

Warm Up

Whatever you need to do to warm up your clean do so. Practice a couple DB squats, but only enough to feel comfortable with your grip and pacing. Majority of your warm-up and prep work be about working on the fluidity of movements for your DB and Burpees, then building to a 75-80% easy clean. Take a few minutes off, then hit 18.2 hard.

DB Squat + Bar Facing Burpee Tips

Just a couple tips here for this short couplet:

  1. You need to do all the squats unbroken. Don’t drop them. It’s not worth it with only 10 reps on the line.

  2. If you have to rest, rest on the squats. NOT BURPEES. And by rest I mean keep a moderate cadence with a breath at the top. Resting on burpees is a dangerous part that can easily add too many excess seconds on your workout.

  3. This workout is all about the 8,9, and 10 rounds. Know that in these last three rounds you have to GO!

  4. Remember, this section counts just as much as your max clean. So hit it hard!

Remaining Time - Max Squat Clean

My personal favorite movement ever. But something that can be deceiving deadly after 55 squats and 55 burpees. Tips for this section:

  1. Whatever you do, don’t miss. Be sure on every approach of the lift.

  2. Take a 1 minute - 1.5 minute to recover after the metcon.

  3. Your lifts should be every 90 sec. - 2 minutes.

  4. Take 3-4 Attempts max! Plan your jumps accordingly.

Both Noah Olsen and Patrick Vellner rested roughly 90 seconds per lift, 2 minutes for their first couple attempts and took a big jump initially, with smaller jumps later. However, each missed a lift. Maybe with slightly more rest, they could have saved a missed and gone for a moderately more heavy final lift? Who knows.

Misc. Tips:

  • Increasing rep counts are really hard mentally. The rounds of 7,8,9, and 10 are going to be a mental push. Go to the dark place and just finish.
  • Grips on the DB are going to dictate how well you breathe. Practice a couple different variations in practice and find which one fatigues you the least.
  • There are not as many transitions in this workout, but they still matter. Make it a point to get back to your DBs or Barbell quickly.


Bonus tip: 

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 8.29.33 PM.png
Hold the DBs on the traps not front rack. Straddle the Dbs in squat width to save feet from adjusting, and move fast. If you get a no rep it’s cool just keep moving! Treat both separately and try to use only 5 lifts totals.
— Gabe Swaba, x2 Individual Regionals Games Athlete

Hope you guys enjoyed the tips and that they work for you. If they did let me know! Also feel free to leave your tips or scores in the comments below. Good luck everyone!

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