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18.4 - Avoid a massage appointment and a redo with these tips.

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18.4 - Avoid a massage appointment and a redo with these tips.

Joshua Baldovino

And just like that, we have a bench mark open workout for 18.4. Diane with a little bonus. As I approach this workout, I have a few general tips for us laymen athletes.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 8.37.03 PM.png


The biggest tip of this workout is to pace appropriately. If you took a look at the open announcement Panchik and BJ both took a different approach to the first portion, Diane. BJ came out of the gate fast, but Panchik took his time and gradually chipped at his lead. And that’s the mindset  that I hope you take as you figure out your game plan. Go smooth from the get go. This workout is about a smooth and consistent Diane with a sprint to the finish.

Remember if you don’t finish, your tiebreak time is your last set of deadlifts completed. A slightly slower Diane time (-10-15%), could yield stronger legs to power through the 315 set faster than if you blasted 21-15-9 and had nothing left for 315.

Pacing Part 1: Diane (225/155)

During this portion, break up your sets into short quick sets with minimal rest. Keeping your grip fresh, and your heart rate low will really help you in the later half of this workout with the heavier deadlifts. I would recommend 11-10 only if you’re in the top 95%, then breaking it up into thirds or quarters for everyone else.

Handstand Push Ups:

The new height standard throws a wrench for everyone, and keep that in mind. Its easy to start to pile on the no reps when you get fatigued and tired. Like I recommended previously, break them early before you start to feel tired. You want to be able to remain consistent and strong for the handstand walks. Pushing them too early may overly fatigue you, and once you reach that dark place, you may never come back.

Also when you kip, make sure you bring your knees into your stomach every time! Maximize your hip drive and save your shoulders.

Part 2: Heavier Deads

Well… if you made it here then congratulations. These are the heaviest deadlifts that have come up in the open. My advice in tackling these is to try and hold multiple reps (2-5) if you have the strength and form. The rebound and reflex will help you tremendously. Moving to singles will really increase how fast you fatigue.

Handstand Walks:

Tape the floor! This will help you so much as you chip away at the massive 50 feet each of us have to tackle. It is also much easier visualize how far you have to go and pace the distance.  

Ultimately, this comes down to have well you can keep strength and skill through the heavy barbell. Best of luck this week everyone, and have fun!

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Coffee addict. Fitness aficionado. Advocate for all things fun. Joshua Baldovino is the Founder and Co-Owner of Shakas and Snatches. Joshua is passionate about fitness, business, but not as much as he craves a nightly ice cream scoop.  You can find him on Instagram: @shakajosh_ss.