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18.5 - Time to Leave It on the Floor!

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18.5 - Time to Leave It on the Floor!

Joshua Baldovino

18.5 is finally here! For some of you, it’s been a joyous 5 weeks… for others (myself included), it’s been a slightly stressful, yet forceful playful month. Either way, be proud of yourself and leave it all on the floor for this workout. Here’s some tips how to end your open season on a high note.  

The Pacing

If you only read this far, read this. Since it’s only a 7 minute workout, many people are going to want to come out of the gate burning hot. However, 7 minutes is enough to quickly gas out and spend more time resting then you are working. So here is the golden rule:

Pick a pacing strategy and rep scheme and do not vary.

As such, there’s a couple ways that you can break this workout. If you break early, break on the C2B and not on the thrusters. Thrusters have a way of crushing your soul and feeling exponentially heavier each time you put it down. As a result, the C2B breaks will be less punishing to your time and easier to keep moving at a consistent pace.

Here is the biggest tip for pacing through this workout:

  • Break all C2B before you think you should. Even borderline regionals athletes have broken up the 9 C2B in 5-4. You won’t lose time breaking them up and leaving yourself more fuel for the larger C2B. (Think Annie Thorsdoitter when she got tired)


The worst movement is known to CrossFit. This movement will destroy you. Now, because they suck so much, lessen their impact by slowing down your cadence and taking big breaths during each rep.

Thruster Points of Performance

  • Hips, hips, hips. Use your legs as much as possible

  • Warm up your rack and overhead positions to allow yourself to breath better.

  • If you do break these, break them in bigger sets. Avoid doing just 2-3 and throwing the bar down.


There’s two approaches to this movement. If you’re extremely good at these movements then find solid sets and break before you feel fatigue. If you’re not good at C2B, then think about doing fast singles from the get-go. Regardless if you’re good or not, once C2B go away, they will never come back. EVER.

More C2B Tips

  • Protect your hands at all cost. Drop before your rip. The later sets and your mind will thank you.

  • Have efficient kips and keep your midline as hollow as possible.


Take time to set your mindset. While the open is a great way to test your fitness, it is also a black hole of self-doubt and comparison. Focus on what you can control. Your plan, pace, and rep scheme. Everything else is just fluff. As long as you do the best that you can, that is all that your coach and yourself can ask for.

Lastly, congratulations. You are about to finish another (or your first) open season. That means another year of being healthier, challenging yourself, and new PRs. At the end of the day, that’s what CrossFit is all about. So keep grinding, keep working, and don’t forget - if you’re ever in Honolulu stop by CrossFit HTF and come say hi!


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About the Author

Coffee addict. Fitness aficionado. Advocate for all things fun. Joshua Baldovino is the Founder and Co-Owner of Shakas and Snatches. Joshua is passionate about fitness, business, but not as much as he craves a nightly ice cream scoop.  You can find him on Instagram: @shakajosh_ss.