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Meet the Shaka Team - Gabe Swaba

Shakas and Snatches

Hey Hey hey!  It's Shaka_Josh. We're continuing on with the new blog series called, "Meet the Shaka Team". In this series, we'll be focusing introducing one of our staff, athletes, or ambassadors. Our hope is that you get to know us as a company better.

In this episode, we interview our Two Time Regional Athlete Gabe Swaba. Gabe is a young Oahu born Arizona transplant, who is working to take the CrossFit world by storm. Relentless, down to earth, and passionate are the best words to describe this stellar athlete. Let's get to know what makes him tick. 


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? And your athletic background? 
I was born in Hawaii and took the athletic route at an early age. Played football and baseball all the way through high school in Arizona. Had offers to play at the next level for football but once I found the amazing community of Crossfit I knew where I should be! Dropped all hopes and dreams of playing at the next level and pursued a career in not only as a crossfit athlete but most importantly a coach as well. 

2. What are your main training goals right now? 
Right now I missed out on what couldve been my third regional due to another unexpected injury. Therefore training goals now are returning back to Dallas for a shot to compete at the Crossfit Games. I now realize that putting stress on peaking for the open or regionals is now how I want to train. I want to learn to be able to compete on my worst days, not just when im peaked! So a few buddies and I are starting the “Whats Rich Doing” program and the volume it consist of is perfect to tailor an athlete for a multi day competition like regionals. Also this way I am more confident to compete all year long! 

3. Top 3 tips for training, mindset etc.
• Read the book “Relentless” by Tim Grover. Grover was Michael Jordan’s, Kobe Bryant’s, Dwyane Wade’s and multiple high level athletes mental/conditiong coach and in the book he explains how these guys operate at such a high level for a long period of time. These guys do the things you and I don’t even think of, these guys show up everyday no matter what and demand pure perfection from him and those around him, these guys always strive to get better and always prosper.
• Properly Warm Up and prime you’re body! Just remember that recover is as important as the hard work you put in the gym!
• Love what you do and it’ll never feel like work. Making training seem like a job or chore will only cause you to get by. If you just have fun with the process each day will be a progress

4. How do I handle bad Training Days
For me “bad training days” come more often than not. In order to constantly show up I inspire myself by watching old training videos of my idols. Froning. Fraser. Smith. Muhammad Ali. Mike Tyson. CT Fletcher. Kai Greene. Arnold. Just to name a few. Then I attempt to put myself in their mindset in other words “What Would Ali Do” then from there its simple if the answer is to fight through than fight through. Its always fight through. Just start that session off with a long slow aerobic training session (ex. 15m Stair Masters + 1m Jog) just to get the body warm and give you some meditation time. Then attack the task at hand!

5. Hows your morning routine?
My morning routine consist of waking up bright an early and head straight for the coffee. Eat a banana & peanut butter then im heading to work by 5am or a workout by 9am, depending on the day. The music is crucial in the morning. I pop in some ASAP Rocky to get each day going. Its simple. Coffee. Foods. Music. Every morning! 

6. What do you love most about the Shaka Team?
What can I say? The Shaka Squad is my second Ohana. They’ve always taken great care of me and help accommodate my needs when I come back home. They’ve helped keep me inspired to always push forward and achieve my goals. There are also some high level athletes on the team that exceed in their own way. Whenever we all come together its just a melting pot of awesomeness that we all can prosper from! It is an honor to be on the Shaka Squad and when I wear the apparel im not just representing me but also the best company in the Crossfit/Weightlifting community! Mahalo to the Squad!

IG: @crossfit_manchild (I keep changing it I know, this one will hold)
SC: @thecfmanchild