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Meet the Shaka Team - Ambassador Travis Okano

Shakas and Snatches

Hello everyone. Josh here again and let me introduce you to a new blog series we'd like to start up called, "Meet the Shaka Team". In this series, we'll be focusing introducing one of our staff, athletes, or ambassadors. Our hope is that you get to know us as a company better.

In this first edition, we interview our Maui Ambassador Travis Okano. Travis a compact juggernaut. He boasts a 300lb Clean and Jerk, 245lb Snatch and placed 63rd in the ulta-competive NorCal Region. Let's get things started....

Thanks for time Travis. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and athletic background?

Aloha my name is Travis Okano I am from Lahaina Maui. I grew up playing baseball, football and wrestling while growing up my main focus became wrestling I became the  third person in Maui to win three state titles, and the first to win in three different weight classes. I wrestled for the Hawaii national team twice! I later went on to wrestle at Dana college in Blair Nebraska, which I qualified for nationals as a true freshman! We were also introduced to CrossFit in 2008 in our wrestling programs! And I had 5 MMA fights as well I was 5-1-0 then had kids and found CrossFit to help fill that void of competition

What is your main training goal right now?

My main goal for 2017 is to make Regionals! And do try and do some Olympic lifting competitions

Can you give us a few of your top training trips?

3 Training Tips:

  1. Stay Focused
  2. Go Hard
  3. Never Give Up

How do you handle bad training days?

Bad training days?! Everyone has them find a positive and just work through it!

What does a day of a Maui Athlete look like?

My routine is go to work at early morning, hang out with my family maybe go fishing, or anything with the beach then get ready to go to Crossfit and lift heavy stuff and get messed up haha

What do you love about the Shakas and Snatches Team?

What I love is everyone Is exactly the same way as me fun and outgoing just like to have a freakin awesome time! And we all love to get messed up lol

Instragram: @okano_travis