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Why CrossFit Won't Make Women Bulky

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Why CrossFit Won't Make Women Bulky

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Why won’t heavy weightlifting make a woman bulky?

Author: Aleksandra Kolodziej

So, you really don’t like monotonous training such as the treadmill or biking but you are in need of an intensive work out? You might have been afraid of heavy weightlifting, seeing all those big, bulky guys hanging out in the gym and you really want to avoid that. Or even some of the biggest women and the CrossFit Games. But believe me, weightlifting and CrossFit can tone up your body rather than making you the next incredible hulk. You will be a healthy, well built-up woman, and not the monster you fear. Here is why it won’t happen!

Image from CrossFit Games Media

Image from CrossFit Games Media

Myth of a huge body

Image via Hannah Baldovino

Image via Hannah Baldovino

Of course, you’re worried that lifting heavy weight will make you big and bulky, am I right? When you weight lift regularly you will gain a bit more muscle, but the extent of it always depends on your genetics, hormones and diet. If you keep a healthy and balanced diet, rich with proteins, vegetables, and healthy fat, there is no way of becoming massive. These are indispensable components of a slim, athletic body which will look even better in our awesome fitness apparel!


But to the point, why won’t I get bulky?

The answer is simple. Testosterone. Women produce roughly 1/15 the amount of testosterone produced by men, which is responsible for muscle growth. Unless you increase your intake of testosterone as a supplement, your training won’t result in extensive man-sized muscles even if you lift heavy weights.

With weight training, your body will be able to burn fat faster. Women genetically have 6 to 11 percent fat more than men, even when they consume less calories. The reason why women have more fat is for childbearing. So even if your workout is intensive, you will still need to train more than guys do to build less muscle than the guys. Yes, I know, we always have it harder…. But have no fear, we came up with ideas for a good work out, click below to find out more!


Lastly, because it's really hard to get big

The girls and guys you see on TV ads are professional CrossFitters or Weightlifters. They spend 8 hours in the gym all day every day. Only they have the ability and will to live in the gym. For us mear mortals, we will stay fit and healthy. To have the dedication to get bulky will take a complete shift of your job and lifestyle. Pop into a gym and you'll see. And if you happen to be in Honolulu, check out our home base at CrossFit HTF. You'll see the guys and girls are average joes just working out enough to burn the those two scoops of mac salad. 

Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments below.

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