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Biggest Individual CF Comp of Hawaii: Our Hawaii State Championships

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Biggest Individual CF Comp of Hawaii: Our Hawaii State Championships

Shakas and Snatches

Aloha Competitive and maybe not so competitive athletes.

It’s been a week since our first Individual CrossFit competition Hawaii State Fitness Championships at Arkaios CrossFit and we had a blast! The energy was pumping and the house was packed! With 107 individuals registered, we officially earned the title of “Largest Individual CrossFit Competition” in the state. Mahalo for all your support, and helping us put on a great event! Additionally, we want to say a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers and judges that worked hard all day! You guys rocked it!

Below are the 6 events that took place in one day! Personally, Event #2: Barbell Cycle was my favorite ;). I just love me some heavy CJ cycles. Our Shakas’ State Champ, Ikaika Pascua, blasted through this event for the RX Males finishing under 4 minutes at 3:59.

Additionally, we heard a lot of great feedback about EVENT #3: CrossFit Combine. Athletes screamed their way through 25 calories on the Ski Erg and then moved onto max rep bench press (225/135). Event leaders for our CrossFit Combine was Jordan Flynn of CrossFit HTF who smashed 16 reps  at 225lb of after a 25 cal ski, and Allison Bean of CrossFit HNL, Women’s RX, who scored 9 reps at 135lb.

However, before the day was done, athletes had to survive our version of the CrossFit Games 2233 workout. Athletes had to fight through three, three-minute rounds filled with Bar Muscle Ups, Overhead Plate Lunges, and 155/105lb Overhead Squats. To make things worse, two athletes with the lowest amount of OHS after each round were cut. This made for a grueling workout, where those who wanted to hold onto their podium spot really had to push hard. After the three rounds of miserly, athletes were left laying on the floor overwhelmed with pain and accomplishment.

All in all, the event was a huge success. Congrats to all the athletes who competed. Below is a link to the competition leaderboard.

Top 3 Competition Finishers:

Male RX:
1st Place: Ikaika Pascua, Alakai CrossFit
2nd Place: Chris Lee, CrossFit Zeus
3rd Place: Jordan Flynn, CrossFit HTF

Male Scaled:
1st Place: Ake Vaituulala, Aloha CrossFit
2nd Place: Nelson Wong, CrossFit Waipio
3rd Place: James Syri, Unaffiliated

Male Master’s 40’s:
1st Place: Bryce Graskoski, CF West Oahu
2nd Place: Mike Purdy, CrossFit HTF
3rd Place: Lei Kaauamo, CrossFit 808

Male Master’s 50’s:
1st Place: David Stoesser, CrossFit HTF
2nd Place: Scott Tanaka Lee, CrossFit Zeus


Male Rookies:
1st Place: Nicolas Brule, Arkaios CrossFit
2nd Place: Travis Corrales, CFDT HNL
3rd Place: CJ Mamalias, CF Downtown HNL

Female RX:
1st Place: Allison Bean, CrossFit HNL
2nd Place: Jennifer Ablee, Arkaios CrossFit
3rd Place: Amber Underwood, CrossFit Waialua

Female Scaled:
1st Place: Minnette Cornish, CrossFit Waipio
2nd Place: Sade Myers, CrossFit Zeus
3rd Place: Jordan Finnerty, CrossFit Waialua

Female Master’s 40’s:
1st Place: Joanna Tablang, All Kine CrossFit
2nd Place: Anna Wallace, CrossFit Zeus

Female Master’s 50’s:
1st Place: Pam Stoesser, CrossFit HTF
2nd Place: Mary Schwing, CrossFit 808
3rd Place: Jacque Mulleitner, All Kine CrossFit

Female Rookies:
1st Place: Chelsea Adams, CrossFit Zeus
2nd Place: Stehpanie Scott, CrossFit HTF
3rd Place: Miriam Howard, CrossFit Zeus

Feel free to share these pictures, and if you’d like more pictures please visit our Facebook page for event albums.

See you next year at Terrible Twos!

Mahalo from Josh & Mario!

Mahalo from Josh & Mario!


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