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WOD 1 for Terrible Twos

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WOD 1 for Terrible Twos

Shakas and Snatches

Josh here! And its time to announce the first event for our co-ed CrossFit Competition at Alakai Crossfit. Big mahalo to CrossFit Games Veteran Scott Panchik for programming this workout. 

Event 1 is...


Partner Wall Ball:
Partners will stand sandwiched next to the target. Partner 1 will perform one squat with the med ball, throwing to the target, then performing an extra squat, while Partner 2 catches. Each successful wall ball and catch = 1 Rep. 

Synchronized Pull Ups/Chest 2 Bars:
Both partners will perform pull ups/C2B at the same time. Both members arms must be fully locked out at the bottom and raise the chin over/touch the bar with chest at the same time for the rest to count. If the bar is not cleared at the same time, and one person drops before, it will result in a no rep. 

Bar Muscle Ups:
Bar Muscle Ups do not need to be synchronized. A total of 10 bar muscle ups must be completed by the team, broken up however you'd like. 2017 Open Standards apply. 

More events will be shared as next weekend approaches. Don't forget, there's a big party happening for the open conclusion at Arkaios this Friday Night. Lastly, for our Maui ohana, we'll see you at the Doc Yogi meet at Aloha CrossFit Kehei. 

Share with your friends and family! Also if you'd like to volunteer we still need help!