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Meet the Shaka Team - Teanu Rickard

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Meet the Shaka Team - Teanu Rickard

Samantha Brown

Aloha Ohana!

Its Samantha @pistolsandshakas continuing our series “Meet the Team.” This is where we introduce our athletes and ambassadors in hopes that you get to know our company better.

With the Open over, we are happy to introduce our newest team member, Teanu Rickard. He is the fittest Open male in the state of Hawaii this year and we are excited to see how far he will take himself at Regionals and beyond.

image credit: Teanu Rickard

image credit: Teanu Rickard

Where are you from? What is your athletic background?

I was born and raised here on Maui, in Lahaina. I’ve been involved with sports since I was about 5 years old. Sports were always the thing to do because all my cousins and friends played. It was like our time to hang out and be with all the boys. My athletic background is more football and wrestling concentrated. I’ve played different sports growing up, but football and wrestling were my main focus as I got older and through high school. I played football 2 times for the Maui Interscholastic League (MIL) 1st Team, offense my junior year and both offense and defense my senior year. I was the two time MIL Wrestling Champion at 215 lbs. I also finished 4th in the state during my junior year and 3rd during my senior year.

What is the number one gear you can't live without?

Probably my compressions tights. I have like every color of the rainbow in my drawer.


What is one thing you would tell an aspiring athlete?

I would tell them to be consistent and don’t just follow the crowd. A lot of people get started on one aspect of their training program but then “jump ship” when they see the next big thing on Instagram or something. Everybody has different training methods and styles, so in the end you just need to find one that fits your lifestyle and stick with it.

image credit: Teanu Rickard

image credit: Teanu Rickard

Why do you enjoy competing?

I grew up competing. That’s just how I was raised. Competing for me is the frosting on the cake. After all the work and all the sweat, competition is the reward. That’s my chance to show everybody what I was training for and how hard I’ve been training. More importantly it’s my chance to prove to myself that the hard work I put in for all of the days, weeks, and months wasn’t for nothing.

What has Crossfit/weightlifting done in your life?

It’s definitely made me a whole lot fitter than I’ve ever been in my life. Seriously, my past self would never have even dreamed about being in the shape and physical condition I am now. You can ask all my childhood friends, I was the “fat kid” of our group growing up.

However I think the best thing this sport has done for me was introducing me to so many people and opportunities that I probably would have missed had I not started. I’ve made a lot of solid friendships and connections with people from all over the world. Whether it be through drop-ins, coming in for a vacation WOD, or through competitions, I always like to connect and touch base with other people in the sport.

Why did you start Crossfitting/weightlifting?

I started Crossfit after a year of wrestling at Oklahoma City University and I needed another outlet to supplement my need for competition.

At the time I had no idea what Crossfit was. One of my good friends actually introduced it to me. He was like “wanna do a WOD” and I was like “a wha??” He then made us do:


5 rounds

5 power cleans

10 front squats

5 jerks

20 pullups.

I just remember dying and lying on the floor. Once I caught my breath, I was like “what the hell was that?”

I couldn’t let this “Crossfit” thing beat me down like that; that’s when it all started. I decided I was going to try this “Crossfit” thing out for a bit and I was going to be good at it no matter what.

What are your future goals?

Of course the ultimate goal is to make it to the Games. Until that year comes, my goals are to make it to Regionals every year. I also want to try and enter a weightlifting meet. I feel like it would be cool to be under the lights in a different setting. I also have some lifting goals that I want to try and get to within the next couple years:

Snatch – 280lb

Clean & Jerk – 365lb

Back Squat – 500lb

Deadlift – 600lb

What do you love about being a part of the Shakas and Snatches team?

The best part about being part of the Shakas and Snatches team has got to be all the support and positive vibes that they give off. They’ve shown you me nothing but love, even when I was going to school in Oregon. And of course, I can’t forget about the gear! Whether I want to go out or go to the gym, I can always be repping the Shaka team.

What's your favorite food?

Chocolate. Anything chocolate.

You can get connected with Teanu on his social media accounts!

IG: Teanu55

Twitter: Teanu55

Snapchat: Teanu808

image credit: Teanu Rickard

image credit: Teanu Rickard

image credit: Teanu Rickard

image credit: Teanu Rickard

About the author
Samantha Brown

Samantha has been Crossfitting for 5.5 years, and enjoying desserts for even longer. A mom of two who are stuck to her like glue, she loves to meet other parents who WOD as much as she does. When she is not writing for Shakas and Snatches, she looks for places to do a pistol and throw a shaka. Connect with her on IG  @pistolsandshakas