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5 Tips to Make it to Regionals

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5 Tips to Make it to Regionals

Joshua Baldovino

Written By: Teanu Rickard


Quick Facts about Teanu Rickard:

  • 2-Time CrossFit Games Individual Regional Athlet (2016, 2017)
    • 2017 Fittest Man in Hawaii (CF Open)
    • Shakas and Snatches Athlete
    • Weight: 195lb
    • Snatch: 260
    • Clean & Jerk: 330
    • Back Squat: 455
    • Deadlift: 565
    • Fran: 2:19

If your goal is to make it to Regionals, training for the open should have started after your last Open. However, if you’re one of those people who like to hold out and wait till the last second or just want to get better at the competitive side of CrossFit... then this is for you.



A.   Focus on your “engine”. You know, that imaginary thing in your head that grants people the ability to go really fast for a really long time

B.    Think more barbell cycling, less 1 rep maxing

C.    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is an engine

D.   Ramp up your Metcon game, tone down your OLY




#2 “Love the suck”

A.   “grunt work”

B.    Work on the movements that held you back last open

C.    If you absolutely hate burpees, that’s a sign that you should probably do them till you kinda like them. I can guarantee you they will show up in some form.





#3  Make a routine

A.   Before every WOD, whether it be a class WOD or competition WOD I usually warm up the same

B.    Warm ups and habits help get your mind in the right place

C.    Routine helps calms the nerves. Especially in a new environment like competition. 

D.   Make it feel like “just another workout”



#4  “Eat this, not that”

A.   If you haven’t gotten memo yet, Nutrition plays a key role in your performance.

B.    Skip the fast food, and go prep yourself for success

C.    If you want to be at peak performance, than you’re going to have to feed your body the proper fuel to do so

D.   You can’t expect a racecar to run at top speed with regular gas



#5  Protect those hands

A.   No one likes to rip their hands, but In the open a rip can blow your chances at a redemption shot. 

B. Especially during training, a rid in your hands can affect your entire week or two of training. 

C.  The shower of death after a freshly ripped hand wound.

D. Happy hands happy life




6.     Go to the Dark Place (maybe even twice)

A.   You know that place where few people dare to go

B.    No one goes here and comes out smiling, you’ll either end up on the floor wheezing and gasping or laughing hysterically because it sucked so good

C.    The absolute threshold of your performance and work capacity

D.   It doesn’t hurt to do a redo, but be smart about it. Every rep does count in the Open but not if it’s going to hurt you in the long run

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