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Did you see this repeat?

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Did you see this repeat?

Samantha Brown

Video by Josh Baldovino IG: @shakajosh_ss

Did you see this repeat coming? Only a few movements were left to be used and every year since 2012 there has been a repeat workout, repeating 16.4 just made sense.

This workout was an especially good one to repeat. It provided great chance to see how much each person’s hard work has paid off since last year.

Crossfit K Block athlete Shali Enright said it perfectly, “I like the open workouts because it gives me a good idea where I’ve improved, and what I still need to work on and that’s especially with the repeats.”

Shakas and Snatches joined Crossfit K Block for this week’s Friday Night Lights where athletes saw progress since last year’s week four workout. We asked a few athletes how they did compared to last year as well as how they felt about their score this year.

Bianca Myers said last year she did not even finish last year.

Last year, I did scaled and about half way through the rowing, I got so upset with how I was performing that I just got up and left. This year, I went in with a different mentality. I did the workout RX and didn’t give up.

Alma Leal said she was happy to see this repeat.

Last year, I barely finished the row in the time cap, but I didn’t know how to do handstand pushups. This year, I got a lot of coaching help from Coach Dionne and Coach Taya for HSPU. I got off the row a lot faster and made it onto the wall!
— Leal

We asked a few athletes how they felt the workout was for them. Norman Carter said during the 55 wallballs, the sheer amount seems like a distant nightmare. “During the wallballs, I kept thinking, ‘How many more?!’”

Myers wished she were a bit taller. “It was a mental struggle because I can feel myself starting to think negatively and would have to quickly snap out of it and continue to push through them.”

Leal said she just tried to power through them. “Once I got tired about halfway through, I was thinking, ‘Don’t rest too long between sets, get to the handstand pushups!’”

Even less movements are left; seems like its down to double unders and thrusters. Maybe Castro will bring back the dumbbells. Is there something else you think Castro will throw in for the last workout?

Did you do better than last year? What was crossing your mind during the wallballs? Join the conversation below! Also, enjoy this video put together by

There are still two more chances to see us out and about. This Friday, the Shakas and Snatches team will be at Arkaios Crossfit for the last Open workout. Saturday, we are headed to Maui for the Doc Yogi Meet at Aloha Kihei Crossfit.

Don’t forget that the following weekend, April 1st, is Terrible Twos at Alakai Crossfit! We could still use your help judging. You can sign up with the link here or below! If you can’t judge, don’t be afraid to come out and watch teams of two go head to head!

Images by Josh Baldovino IG: @shakajosh_ss

About the author
Samantha Brown

Samantha has been Crossfitting for 5.5 years, and enjoying desserts for even longer. A mom of two who are stuck to her like glue, she loves to meet other parents who WOD as much as she does. When she is not writing for Shakas and Snatches, she looks for places to do a pistol and throw a shaka. Connect with her on IG  @pistolsandshakas