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Why You're Doing Social Media Wrong

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Why You're Doing Social Media Wrong

Joshua Baldovino

If you're anything like me, you're constantly chained to being on top of your company's Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and any other social media you may have. However, looking at them individually though your phone or browser app can just get exhausting. Then there's a million different software dashboards that overwhelm you with the same accessibility and promises. How can you pick what you really want? 

Well have a few years of searching for my favorite dashboard app, I finally found one called Hootesuite! Hootsuite is a great app that gives you accessibility to interact through all your social media accounts on one platform! If you're not already using it, here's why I think it'll be a great way to boost your company's public image. 

1. Interact with Your Customers!

Gone are the days where you have to have a million tabs or apps open all the time on your phone. You can scroll through your FB feed, comment back on IG through your brands #hashtag, and answer every FB message that comes in. No more missed interactions. Find them all quickly and efficiently with each custom dashboard you create. 

2. Manage Multiple Accounts per Platform

We all have 2-3 FB, IG, Twitter, etc accounts. And most apps only let you log into one user at a time. This was the worst part about the old IG, before they updated it. But now, you can have your personal IG, your company IG, and other other account together. No logging in and out. No remembering a million passwords. It's just done. And for all you social media managers, you know how tedious this can be. 

3. Schedule all Posts heard me. The best for last. With hootsuite, you can schedule any post, to any social media, for as a long as you want. Add videos, pictures, blogs, whatever, and it will send it to you automatically. 

This by far is my favorite feature. I can spend a few hours one day and have the entire weeks posts automatically push to FB and IG. There's no need for me to set calendar reminders, save pictures and captions in my notes, it is all set. 

To show you how great this function is, this past weekend I was on a hike to Haiku Stairs on Oahu. The hike was an 11 mile hike that took all day with cliffs, rock climbing and a lot of other things that made me freak out. But at 10AM during the hike, I got a notification and confirmed a post to market our newest competition. In 5 seconds, the picture was posted on IG and FB and I was back to focus on my hike. 

And since I didn't have to worry about my marketing campaign, I could capture this picture. 

Hannah and I hiking to Haiku Stairs, Oahu

Hannah and I hiking to Haiku Stairs, Oahu

So if you're not using hootsuite or a dashboard that is similar to this. You need to. If you have your own that you prefer to schedule, let me know in the comments below. I'd love see what works for you!

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About the Author

Coffee addict. Fitness aficionado. Advocate for all things fun. Joshua Baldovino is the Founder and Co-Owner of Shakas and Snatches. Joshua is passionate about fitness, business, but not as much as he is addicted to ice cream.  You can find him on Instagram: @shakajosh_ss.

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