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Part 1 - Tips for the Traveling Athlete: Travel Gear

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Part 1 - Tips for the Traveling Athlete: Travel Gear

Samantha Brown

July is almost here, you or the kids are out of school, and you want to go on vacation. There is one last summer memory to be made, and it is in Hawaii!

That is perfect! Or at least it would be if you were not hitting the gym hard, trying to get your body ready for the next Crossfit Open in February or your next competition that is sure to be in the fall as soon as you get back having fun under the sun with your Ohana.

We have some great traveling tips! Whether you are coming to the beautiful islands or somewhere with Mickey ears and a huge castle, we have thought about what you might need to still make your gains and enjoy your family’s time away from everyday distractions.



When you are considering what gear you will bring, consider these few things: how big is your suitcase, how often will you be going to the gym, and what is your prospective gym, or lack thereof, going to have for you to use?

If the answer to the first question is “I’m traveling by myself” or “each of my family members will have their own suitcase” or even “we are checking one large suitcase, and bringing several carry ons,” perfect. You probably have plenty of room for your whole gym bag.

My next question is how often you will be going to the gym. This is a question where I always play the devil’s advocate; by that I mean, I answer the question, and then answer it a few more times before I say, ok, probably not as often as I hope.

Next, are you going to be going to an actual box, or are you going to stick with the hotel “fitness center.” You can always look this up or call your choice hotel and find out what they have for you to use.

Once these questions are answered, you can more easily determine what to pack.



No matter what I think, I always bring my Crossfit shoes. These are the ones used for Metcons, not necessarily for lifting. Your chosen workout shoes are great for everything and since hotels have enough space for a treadmill, some burpees and handstand pushups, it does give me the flexibility for a variety of aerobic activities.


Wrist Straps

Wrist straps are another thing I like to bring because they are so small and do not take up too much room. It also allows for some flexibility with the workouts in case you find a box or 24 hour fitness close by that you can drop into.


Jump Rope

Another compact item that will give you an extra edge and some variety in your workouts is the jump rope. Especially if you will be working out in the hotel fitness center, you might want something that will be a short way to get your heart rate going.

Shakas Gear

Don’t forget to bring your home box shirt with you. You never know if you will be able to swap shirts with a box that you drop into. It would be safe to assume a male coach is a Men’s Large and lady coaches are a Women’s Medium.

Not Recommended to pack:


Lifting Shoes

While everyone hopes they can spend a lot of time dedicated to lifting while on vacation, it really is not that realistic. Lifting shoes take up a lot of room, especially if you are packing your workout shoes instead of wearing them. This is room that can be better left empty and filled with gifts and souvenirs from your vacation.

Witness-the-fitness copy.jpg

Lifting Belt

Again, it takes up room and probably will get barely used. Leave it at home so it can keep your lifting shoes company.

Tips for traveling to or from Hawaii:

Having traveled a variety of airlines, my favorite service to and from the island is Hawaiian Airlines. They offer a mini meal when you travel, which is not something any other airlines offers Economy customers that I have seen. Since I always have a layover on the west coast, I cannot speak for other airline traveling to or from Atlanta or any other major airport, but this is always a plus when I choose my airlines.

I have been told that other airlines do offer a free meal for those longer flights. You can contact the airlines directly to find out if you need more solid snacks.

Save up for Uber or Lyft. Rental cars are expensive and these driver services can be a cheaper way to get around.

Another option is picking a hotel that is near the things you want to experience. Finding a hotel with a breakfast bar is also a recommendation, especially traveling with children. If you are watching your macros, getting a grocery list of easy microwavable options from Walmart will help keep you on track and will also save you money. Call you hotel though to make sure they have a refrigerator in your room and what the microwave situation is. Sometimes they are only in the Club rooms, which you will need permission to get into.

For great places to hike, boxes to visit, or other travel dives, take a look at our travel guide page.

Don’t forget to drop into the SHAKA SHOP for the best gear. We’re located inside CrossFit HTF, right next to Waikiki. And while you’re at it, you can email info@hitownfitness to inquire about drop ins after you pick up the latest Shakas’ swag.

Additionally, if you do plan to stop in at a local box, email or call to give them a heads up. It’s always a nice courtesy to know that someone new is coming to the box. They will also know to expect you and you feel more at home when you have a coach great you.

About the author
Samantha Brown

Samantha has been Crossfitting for 5.5 years, and enjoying desserts for even longer. A mom of two who are stuck to her like glue, she loves to meet other parents who WOD as much as she does. When she is not writing for Shakas and Snatches, she looks for places to do a pistol and throw a shaka. Connect with her on IG  @pistolsandshakas