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Design Services


Brand Development

(Daunting Re-Branding Process)

Understanding and developing a “brand voice” is the first step in creating your brand.

Defining your brand's voice can be daunting, but it’s a vital step in connecting with your community. Once we define your voice and personality on “paper”, indoctrinating your staff will come easily. This will allow everyone who needs to communicate on behalf of the brand the wherewithal to be able to do so. 

We have to begin by asking some specific questions. These are for you to deliberate over.


The cost of developing a mere logo, not full branding, starts at $600/project or $100/hr. This is usually for individuals or event graphics.

Full Brand Development (developing your voice as a brand - who you are, what you look like, how you present yourself to the public, etc.) starts at $1,500.00 or $150/hr. This process is much more involved and is for a more established company or brand that is looking to get to the next level.

We also offer website design, flyer design and of course t-shirt design and printing. Design services also follow the 1st tier of cost: $600/project or $100/hr. If that's what you need, just email us the details by clicking on the button below:

If you are a brand looking to collaborate on a project, we can discuss that further. Please email inquiries for collaboration by clicking on the button below:

First Things First

In order for this process to be successful, you will have to ask yourselves these questions.

Think about each question, word vomit if you must, but at the end, everything here should remain rather succinct and specific. This is more about an emotional response. What do these questions feel like? 

You won't have to fill out every field, but the more fields you do fill out the more we can understand your needs and business better.

Project Development Questionnaire 

*Starred items are required.

Name *
If you could do other things, what would that be?
i.e.: Fun? Serious? Playful? Hardcore?
Think color palette, icons, fonts, etc.
Please add links to visuals if possible.
Please add links to visuals if possible.

We will get back to you as soon as we can!