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Terrible Two's Info



We're back at it again! The 3rd Annual Shakas & Snatches Partner Competition to celebrate our 4th Anniversary!

Date: April 14,2018. Athlete Check In 6:45AM. Workouts start at 8:00AM

Location: Alaka`i Crossfit 91-329 Kauhi Street, Kapolei, HI 96707

BYOJ: Athletes will be asked to Bring Your Own Judge. Basically if each athlete judges twice, with a friend or two. We can get all heats coveerd. 

Parking: You can park on Kauhi street or oihana street. However, no parking in that intersection, no parking in fire hydrant lane. No parking in business entrance way. On that same note, some of these businesses are open on the weekends and trucks go in and out so when parking close to business entrance. Please be sure there is enough space for not only the truck to get out but also to make the turn. Does that make sense?

Tentative Schedule:

6:45AM - Check In
7:30AM - Athlete + Judging Briefing
8:00AM - CrossFit Suicide
9:00AM - 11:30AM - Floater
9:00AM - Bench Mark Mash Up
11:00AM - 9.6.3.
1:30 PM - Finale
3:00 PM - Awards


Volunteers :)

We want this event to run as smooth as possible! And we can't do that without a few extra volunteers to move and set up equipment. And also fill in for judging once in a while. If you can help us out, we'd really appreciate it! :)

BYOJ - Bring Your Own Judge

Here's how this works: Bring you and your partner + one extra person (3 total) to the athlete prep area. Your friend/judge will be randomly switched with another team to judge. Basically, guys if you can judge one girls team, girls if you can judge one guy's team that would make the lives of our volunteers so much each. Please grab someone from your box, a friend, or another athlete and just switch off. 

Additionally, there are only 2 or 3 (if you make finale cut) workouts you'd have to find a judge for. Which means that each individual athlete would only need to judge once (10-15 mins) if you swap off with another team. See the diagram below for schedule.

We appreciate your aloha and kōkua! :)



Everyone will be behind the start line with one med ball baton per team. 

Partner A will run with baton to Burpee Box Jumps, perform reps, then bring baton back to start line. At this point, Partner B may go with baton or Partner A can move to the second station. 

You can switch anytime when both members are behind the start line. 


Burpee Box Jumps: Chest touches the floor, hips must be extended at the top. Masters + Scaled are allowed to step up. RX must jump. 

KB Snatch: May be performed as a hang, movement ends when KB is overhead with legs, hips and arms locked out. 

Pistols: Foot must not touch the ground, hips locked out at the top. Scaled + Masters 50 may can do air squats instead. 

T2B: Feet behind the rig and both feet must touch the bar at the same time. 

G2OH: Either Clean and Jerk or Snatch is permitted. Barbell must touch the ground and be locked out over head after each rep. 

RX + Master 40 will be doing 7 reps of each. Scaled + Master 50 will be doing 5 reps of each.

Both athletes must do at least 2 movements (14 reps out of the total 35 reps).

Score = Time to complete the suicide  



Event 2: Cardio Bunny Floater

You have 2.5 minutes to complete 12 alternating burpees over your partner. Then with the remaining time, bike max calories. Teams may switch who is biking at anytime during the bike. 

Burpees over Partner: Must be done alternating. And you must jump over your partner for the rep to count. Partner can either be chest on the floor, or in a push up position. 

You will have a coned off section to do burpees in. You cannot do all 12 burpees and keep going sideways. You must stay in your box. 

Cal Bike: LOL. You're welcome ;)  

Score = # of Cal on Bike after 2.5 mins


Event 3: Tag Team Bench Mark

Whenever you go rest or complete a set, you must run and tag your partner. 

Barbell weight is 95/65 for all divisions


OHS: Hips below parallel and bar overhead. 

Run: Because you're running down and back there is no switching here. So you better run hard the whole time. 

Thrusters: Hips below parallel, and full extension at the top with the head through. You can start with a squat clean to thruster. 

Pull Ups: Arms locked at the bottom, chin over bar. 

Scaled + Master 50 only. You may sub 3 deadlifts for 1 pull up. 

Every rep not completed within time cap will result in +1 second to your time. Ex. 9 thrusters and 9 pull ups left = +18 seconds on time cap. 



Event 4: 9.6.3.

Complete 9 of each movement, add weight, then 6 of each, add then 3 of each. 

Break up the reps however you want between you and your partner. 

Deadlifts: No bouncing off the ground and be fully extended at the top. 

Cleans: Can be performed as a power or squat. At the top elbows must be in front of the bar. 

Front Squat: Full depth in your squat and full extension.

S2OH: Any technique is available: Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk. Just be sure to stand up all the way with your feet together for the rep to count.  

Time Cap: 9 Minutes 




Scaled + Master 50's:

100 DU/200 Singles (Split anyway)

2 Rounds Each (4 Total)

15 Snatches (75/55)

15 Pull Ups

100 DU/200 Singles (Split anyway)

2 Rounds Each (4 Total)

9 Snatches (115/75)

9 C2B

100 DU/200 Singles (Split anyway)

Event 5: The Finale

“What the Forearms”

Rx & Master 40's

100 DU (Split anyway)

2 Rounds Each (4 Total)

15 Snatches (95/65)

15 C2B

100 DU (Split anyway)

2 Rounds Each (4 Total)

9 Snatches (135/95)

9 Bar Muscle Ups

100 DU (Split anyway)

Who advances:

  • Top 6 Male and Female RX Teams
  • Top 5 Male and Female Scaled Team
  • All Master's 40 and Master's 50's Teams

Teams can split the 100 DU’s however you’d like between team members.

Both partners must complete all work in Snatch and Pull Up sets.


After 100 Doubles are complete...

  • Partner A completes 15 snatches while Partner B hangs from the pull up bar
  • Partner A completes 15 C2B while Partner B holds the barbell in the hang position
  • Partner B completes 15 snatches and 15 C2B while Partner A hangs and holds
  • Partner A completes 15-15, while Partner B hangs and holds
  • Partner B completes 15-15 while partner A hangs and holds
  • 100 DU → 9-9 twice for each partner → 100 DU
  • Score is the time it takes to complete entire workout.



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