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 The Shakas and Snatches’ Team is thrilled to partner with our friends at CrossFit K Block and announce our upcoming CrossFit Competition The Hawaii State Championships! The event is going to take place on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at the Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina in Kapolei.

Date: November 17, 2018

Location: Four Seasons Resort92-1001 Olani St. Kapolei, HI 96707


Tentative Schedule:


Our last two competitions had 110 individual sold out athletes spots, and over 200+ sold out team spots respectively. Through partnering with CrossFit K Block, we plan to make this the largest and most spectacular fitness event to date!  We are expecting over 250+ athletes 1000+ spectators throughout the day.

Custom Athlete Add On’s Available!

  • Individualized or Team Name

  • 13 character max Including spaces

  • Last day to order is 10/15

  • Shirt color is not finalized

  • Make sure to add on during registration or email if you’d like to add it on post-registration

CLICK >>> to claim yours

There are 3 different divisions:

  • Individual RX

  • Team RX (MMFF)

  • Team Scaled (MMFF)

The first 20 teams will lock in the early bird price $425, then it raises to $475. 

Prizes: Individual competitors will be competing for a cash prize and prize pack from our awesome sponsors. Team competitors will be competing for our "Oh So Sexy Team Trophy" and giant stocking full of sponsored goodies. 




We need your help! Volunteers!

We want this event to run as smooth as possible! And we can't do that without the help of awesome volunteers. You'll be compensated with an event t-shirt, food, chance to win prizes exclusive for volunteers, and our love forever! Please click the link below:

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 1.18.46 PM.png





EVENT 1: CrossFit Triathlon

Teams and Individual

  • Teams will swim across the lagoon (250mish) with a boogie board. Board can held by 1-4 team members. Just get it across.

  • Once the team reaches the marked end point of the lagoon, teams will run back to the start line

  • Athletes may begin to run to the start line as soon as they complete the swim. You do not have to wait for your team.

  • If you are the scaled non-swimmer, you must wait for one of your team members to finish swimming and run back with them.

  • In pairs of Male+Female, teams will complete 100 KB (53/35) synchronized thrusters.

  • Synchronized thrusters - must be together at the TOP

  • Then in pairs of Male+Female, teams will complete 100 synchronized burpees.

  • Synchronized burpees - must be together at the BOTTOM. Must open the hips at the top for the rep to count

Individual athletes will complete the swim, run, then 50 thrusters, and 50 burpees.

All RX athletes must swim.

Scaled teams are allowed to have one person run along the beach, while 3 others swim out.


EVENT #2: Pull-A-Thon

Sponsored by Good Clean Food Hawaii

Individual & Master

  • DB Weight (50/35)

  • P(ower) Snatch, S(quat) Snatch, OHS - Overhead Squat

  • Pull Ups, Chest 2 Bar, Bar Muscle Ups

Team RX

  • DB Weight (50/35)

  • All movements must be synchronized. Rx teams: synchronized pull-up, chest-to-bar pull-ups and muscle-ups - the pair of athletes must be together at the top for the rep to count.

  • Synchronized dumbbell snatches - both athletes must be together at the top. Must alternate hands every time

  • 1st pair (MF) completes chipper before 2nd pair starts

Team Scaled

  • On the scaled teams, only one athlete is working, the other is hanging on the bar. For the rep to count, one athlete must be hanging on the bar. If the hanging athlete drops off the bar, the other athlete cannot continue making reps for the team.

  • DB Weight (35/20)

  • Only snatches must be synchronized. Synchronized dumbbell snatches - both athletes must be together at the top. Must alternate hands every time

  • T2B, Pull Ups, and C2B can be split however. 1 athlete works while the other athlete hangs.

  • 1st pair (MF) completes chipper before 2nd pair starts


EVENT #3: DT or DT +3x2

Sponsored by FitAid

Individual & Master

  • 100 Double Under Buy In

  • 5 Rounds

  • Weight (155/105)

  • Deadlifts, Hang Power Clean, S2OH


  • 150 Double Unders (RX) or 300 Single (Scaled) Buy In

  • Rounds can be split however between the athletes

  • 16 Rounds. Male pairs split 8 rounds anyway, then female pairs split 8 rounds anyway

  • RX Weight (155/105), Scaled Weight (125/85)

  • Deadlifts, Hang Power Clean, Power Jerks

  • Deadlifts: bar moves from the floor to hips. Hips must open at the top

  • Hang power cleans: the movement must start from hang. Cannot be cleaned from the floor. Athlete must stand all the way up for the rep to count

  • Push jerk - athletes cannot do push presses or split jerks. Only push jerks are allowed for this event

box rep HSC (15).png

EVENT #4: Row-Jump-Lunge

Sponsored by GREEN

Individual & Master

  • Box height is 24” for both Male and Female

  • No step ups allowed

  • Plate weight is 45/25

Teams RX + Scaled

  • Row: Athlete 1 and 2 must go first on both sets and athletes 3 and 4 go second on both sets. Teams may choose male-male, female-female or male-female. Both athletes of the first par must finish the rowing before the second pair can start rowing

  • Each team will have 2 rowers that allow two athletes to row at a time

  • Synchro BBJO = Chest has to be on the floor at the same time. Athletes must be on the floor together. Do not have to go over the box together, just on the floor.

  • RX BBJO = All boxes are 24” and you must jump up

  • Scaled BBJO = All boxes are 20” and step ups are allowed

  • Syncho Plate (45/25) Lunge = Athletes must have their feet together at the top of each lunge rep aka stand tall at the same time.


7 MInute Cap: Top 5 Teams/Individuals


  • All Athletes must try the handstand walk in a cycle.

  • You start where your feet land.

Scaled: Wheel Barrow

  • One pair will go down and back. Between the two you can switch anytime.

  • Once you come down and back, you will tag the next pair next in.

Schedule and Timing:

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