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We love to hear from our Shaka Ohana! Please reach out if concerns about your order, anything you'd like to see restocked, or even just want to say Aloha! We want to hear from you!


2320 South King Street
McCully - Moiliili, HI, 96826
United States



Our Story

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Forged with Aloha

Shakas and Snatches is Hawaii's fitness brand.  

S&S exemplifies the determination and drive of all hardworking athletes, but with a touch of local Hawaiian pride. Our Hope is to unite all athletes under the banner of Aloha + Fitness

What does that mean? It means our apparel is made to be worn during the most brutal WODs and heavy training sessions. What's more? S&S keeps you sexy and stylish for that post workout ice cream run. Established in 2014, Shakas and Snatches was birthed the same way every brilliant idea should be... Over beers and buffalo wings.

Co-Founder Josh understands the importance of durable apparel that can withstand the continuous beatings of workouts, day in and day out. His friend, Nick, the "Pretty" guy and owner at CrossFit Volition (his luscious hair does every workout unbroken), has a personal mantra: "If you look good, you play good". In the collision of those two ideas, and some branding and design help from Creative Director Mario; Shakas and Snatches was born.

Fitness enthusiasts in Hawaii, and around the world - REJOICE! Shakas and Snatches has you covered with tasty clothes that will have you performing sexier than ever. Shoooots!


Designed in Hawaii

We are based in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Oahu. We are inspired by the beauty around us, how can we not be? Our design team is made up of the best, and of course, strongest designers we could find!


Forged with Aloha

We believe you deserve the best, that's why we say we're "Forged with Aloha". That means that we will do our best to bring the Aloha spirit into everything you purchase.

Printed in the USA

We love the USA! It's our home, and we do all of our printing in Hawaii, or on the mainland (contiguous US states). We believe in making the best product for you, our Ohana (Family).